Tesco's battle of the sexes BBQ Challenge!!!!

So a few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a very exciting BBQ Challenge, a battle of the sexes!!! Now having not done a BBQ myself this was a challenge indeed but I was really excited to see what I could come up with in terms of recipes!

The idea was to come up with a fantastic twist on the BBQ classics and then pop over to the WEBSITE and submit your recipe ( whilst browsing some other fabulous twists)

The first twist we did was using a chilli pepper (Cherry Bomb variety to be precise!) that we grew ourselves (from a seedling we got at the Chilli Farm in Suffolk) it had been growing since April and we took great delight in roasting it on the BBQ and then putting it onto the burgers that were being cooked up! My husband loved it and for those of you that like a zing then a freshly grown chilli pepper is the way forward!! (He told me it definitely was a zing!)

Secondly and it might seem a tad crazy… BBQ marmite chicken!!! yum! just baste the marmite over the chicken and BBQ, simple as!!

There’s still time to enter! don’t miss out!!!!


*BBQ and speakers were received free in return for the post and challenge.


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