Sinkable delights

Never underestimate the importance of a comfortable mattress!

Our new one turned up yesterday, as the retired frail gentleman removed a 60 kilo mattress solo from the van I was then instilled with a sense of horror of how I’d manage to get it in the house.

He then went on to tell me (once he had shifted it up some steps and just into the doorway) that he wasn’t ‘allowed’ to enter the house. Bugger.

I struggled getting the plastic wrap off and overturned it onto it’s bed frame and then collapsed into the memory foam as I felt like I was floating on a bed of air made by angels blowing.

If you had ever slept/sat/glimsed at my old mattress you would know why it felt like winning the lottery and how excited one person can get over a bunch of springs and fabric.

Last night I was in my element, I no longer had metal digging into my elbows when I moved or chafing my toes. It was sheer delight.

Sleep is very important to me, and being comfortable whilst sleeping is like liquid gold to a person with chronic pain and dodgy joints.

How I love my parents.


3 thoughts on “Sinkable delights

  1. Ooooooh that sounds lovely. I wrote a post last week about how much I could do with a good night’s sleep and I think a lot of that is down to the crapness of my mattress!! Enjoy lovely xx

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