Busted laptop, waiting for a bed!

Yesterday my laptop decided it was going to fail on me, I was devastated.. More so because I couldn’t access my blog properly, other than the app on my iPhone. Turns out that it’s the LED lights on my screen and it’s all still there you just can’t see it unless you shine a torch on it. Fixable at least.

During my panic GeekMummy tipped me off on a new app for iPads called Blogsy. This is what I am using now and to be honest I am finding it loads easier to use than my laptop on actual wordpress! Weird hey?! Anyway I’m really grateful for this app and even though it’s a tad pricy, so far I’m impressed and can blog happily from my iPad. Of course I haven’t thoroughly tested it yet as this is my first post, time will tell.

Mum has ordered me a new mattress, I really cannot wait. I get impaled my the dodgy springs every time I lay down and it doesn’t help my pain levels. Lucky for me I have the best parents ever and I owe them so much! Just have to wait in for it to be delivered – between 8am and 6pm… Don’t you just HATE that?! Lol oh well, it will be worth it to sleep tonight’ I’ve become a bit of an insomniac recently and can’t switch my mind off. Last night I saw every hour until 4am and was up at 7.

Luke is now 18 months old and seems to be having a bit of a physical growth spurt, I simply cannot believe how long his legs are! He is also evening out and losing his puppy fat which isn sup rising the level of energy he has each day.

Not long until we go to Center Parcs now!!! I love Elveden Forest, haven’t been since 2008 and this will be Lukes first proper holiday as a family. We have some fun activities planned and I shall be blogging and tweeting through our stay. I can’t wait to take my new camera aswell. I’m a tad obsessed with it at the moment, it’s only a hand me down but it’s fab!

My pain levels rant great at the moment and I’m still feeling down so hopefully these positive things to look forward to will ease my mind off things. Though I’m trying to cut down the painkillers – hence the sleepless nights.

Hope everyone is well!

Enjoy a celebration of Lukes first 18 months!


4 thoughts on “Busted laptop, waiting for a bed!

  1. So glad I could help you stay blogging whilst your laptop is out of action. I have used Blogsy a lot for blogging whilst out on the road, and particularly like the ease of adding external content, like YouTube videos šŸ™‚

    Have a great time at Center Parcs!

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