Tesco's Goodness range and Free Zoo ticket!

I just wanted to let you all know ahead of a launch from Tesco’s about their Tesco’s Goodness range for children! Tesco’s goodness range is made up of healthy snacks and nutricious chilled prepared meals that are convenient. The meals are kid tested and are yummy whilst being specifically developed to meet children’s nutritional needs.

Having a variety of differents foods, like sausages and mash and ice lollies so there will always be a meal for someone, even the pickiest of eaters! You’ll be able to notice the range by its fun and colourful packaging, featuring cartoons of fruit and veg.

Parents can be assured that every meal or snack that carries the Goodness logo, meets the strict criteria for fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt and contain NO artificial colours or flavourings whilst many have added vitamins and calcium.

Most of the range contains some yummy vegetables to help little ones towards their 5 a day. The Goodness range is also affordable, starting at just 45p.

Tesco’s are giving away free Zoo tickets! all you need to do is buy 2 products from the Goodness range and keep hold of your receipt to claim the ticket on the website :


Please note that customers can only purchase products in store to get the free ticket until the 21st August 2011 (Tickets can be redeemed on the website until 10th September 2011)

Tickets are valid to be used at the zoo until 30th September 2011! So a great activity during the summer whilst having good grub!

Tesco’s are sending me some samples of the Goodness Range in return for this post.


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