Pink Socks and Crocs….

Today I had a fantabulous day as my friend Emma (AdventuresEm) and her gorgeous daughter O came up to visit for a day of fun with me and Luke!!

I was terrified she wouldn’t find my house as we are in a new estate and Sat Navs still tend to think our house is an old field with a few barns!!! But low and behold shortly after 11am the doorbell rang 🙂

We decided to take the kid-lets to soft play, somewhere Emma wasn’t overly keen 😉 but for me its a bit of a safe haven as I can sit in the ball pool and let Luke get on with it while I kind of rest, although O was a great helper and was keen to look after Luke all day so it really helped having 2 extra sets of eyes on him! My highlight was forgetting to take my bright pink socks off after the soft play (which you are made to wear socks) and putting my crocs back on without thinking… oh i’m so stylish 😉 unfortunately Emma managed to get some incriminating evidence on her phone haha. 

After suitably exhausting ourselves in the heat we headed back to mine (Via Tesco’s to get a blow up pool) and with sheer relief I de socked as quick as I could whilst nearly passing out blowing the pool up! (note I didn’t and I actually managed to blow the whole thing up alone WHITHIN 10 MINUTES!!! – I need a medal…. and an inhaler! 😉 )

The kids had fun and so did I snapping away and I love that I got a nice picture of Emma and O together as it’s cute 🙂

I am however now drugged up to the eyeballs and clicking like a lighter thats run out of fluid… so am off to bed! with the fan on full blast!

I had an amazing day and am sad they couldn’t stay longer this time.. but there’s always next time!


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