27 Years.

That’s how long I have been breathing! That seems a long time but really it isn’t! Not after spending the day at my Grandads 80th the other day! 

What was going to be a lonely birthday actually ended up a really pleasant day! My friend Amy turned up unexpected with a small balloon, card, cake and a cute charm of a bumblebee for my Pandora bracelet and we chilled out whilst my neighbour popped over with her adorable 8 week old so I had my baby cuddle fix!

Then we headed out to Pizza Hut for a buffet lunch which was yummy as ever (Amy and I seem to have a tradition forming 😉 ), Luke was really well behaved aswell and loved eating the grapes!  

After as it was so muggy and hot we ended up in Starbucks drinking caramel coffee frapachinos with cream and toffee sauce, was so good! Liz also came and caught up with us and we headed off to meet Aaron after he finished work and squeezed us all into my Ford Fiesta!

My parents had arranged to come round for half past 6 so Aaron and I could go out and do something and we chose to go see Horrible Bosses at the cinema and it was the best choice we could have made, it was HILARIOUS! Just what I needed to cheer myself up! 

We got home to a sleeping child and my mum had cleaned up a bit so all that was left to do was curl up on the sofa and watch TV 🙂

All in all a lovely birthday, bit more laid back that the last few but I guess that because we are getting older!!

Waking up the next day to the postman was equally exciting as the lovely Michelle from UtterlyScrummy had asked me if I wanted some brownies for my birthday! I had completely forgotten as I opened my eyes blearily as the postman rang the bell viciously like normal!! I wasn’t in a bad mood long! When I opened the box, the waft of fresh doughy chocolate made its way up my nose and it wasn’t long before I had the first suspect out of its individually wrapped plastic. I had the triple chocolate chunk and OMG it was like eating a slice of heaven. I can say this with my hand on my heart that UtterlyScrummy’s brownies are hands down, the BEST brownies I have ever tasted (and No she didn’t ask me to review them!) But if you would like your own slice of heaven you can order from the website UTTERLYSCRUMMY.CO.UK for fast friendly and fresh service!


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