When Croup Calls…

 My poor little tiger is suffering with his second bout of Croup in the last 6 months and this time it is worse. I remember back in January when he got it for the first time and his dad and I were so scared by what was happening, Luke was only 11 months old and choking on his own sick whilst struggling to breathe! We dialled 999 that time and took him up the hospital for him to be given steriods and the next day you couldn’t even tell he had been unwell!

This time, we could hear it slightly but it dissapeared and we took him to a garden party to celebrate my Gran and Grandads birthday (Grandads 80th!) it was a fantastic sunny day full of family and food yet Luke wasn’t his usual cheery self (although he did very well, we knew he wasn’t ‘right’) . I have had a viral infection in my throat for the last week and I guess thats what Luke caught – off me – and it presented as Croup due to his small airways. 

That night we were awoken at 12am, 1am, 3am, 5am (which was when I gave up trying to put him back to bed) by a rasping panicky barky noise and whenever the poor boy coughed he scared himself and cried continuously.

The morning came and at 7am I decided it was best to whizz him up A+E again and like last time they administered the steriods and we came home.

 Last night was just the same, we are all running on hardly any sleep and poor Luke is still struggling, it’s worse when he gets worked up, so i’m trying to give him as many mummy cuddles as possible.

Even through my lack of sleep and bags under my eyes that could touch my toes, I feel special as I am the person he comes to when he needs hugs as he isn’t well, I’m now that person. I remember what it was like being little and wanting to be as close to my mummy as possible when I was under the weather – so it’s nice knowing that my presence at least does help.

I’m more educated on Croup now, it really isn’t as bad as it sounds, although in some cases it can be serious, taking them out into the fresh air helps bucket loads!

So now i’l just wait patiently while mini Darth Vader returns to his normal LOUD self 😛


9 thoughts on “When Croup Calls…

  1. I am totally with you on the pain and fear that croup brings. Baba has had it about five or six times now, on the fifth time he got a nebuliser and an inhaler, which I have to say has helped loads. But he was always better raised. We would spend a lot of time in the car as well as Baba slept a lot better in the car seat as he was upright. He used to catch up on his sleep in the car in the day, I think he was 5 months when he first had it. It was very scary and I think I cried all night, but like you said the sound makes it seem a lot worse. I hope that he is better soon and that you all catch up on some sleep soon xxx

    • Thanks honey, I think that if he gets it again in a short pace of time i’l be asking the doctor about a nebuliser. It worries me especially as he was prem and had a chest infection and strep B at birth, when he really gets a bug, this seems to be the way it presents itself. The car idea is good, maybe if he’s struggling later i’l take him on a drive. 5 Months and having it? i’d be terrified too! poor little Baba xxx

  2. You could try and put him in the Stokke to sleep upright maybe?
    I need to be propped up when I get bronchitis, worth a try xxx

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