Nothing to say?

When Luke was younger we tried really hard to teach him some baby signs, always signing whilst giving his milk etc.. but now he is 17 months we are coming up against a few problems. We understand him great and he knows what we are saying. He signs for milk or when he wants something and the problem I am having is with his speech. He has no words yet and I really want to get him asking for his milk or saying thank you but he flat refuses and just signs.

I can’t really NOT give him his milk because he wont vocalise his want as he signs it fine and that’s what we taught him from the start and that would be confusing, however it would be really nice if he tried to ask vocally.

I know he is young and will speak when he wants too but I have the fear that as he signs and knows we understand it that he won’t attempt to talk as he doesn’t *need* too.

Has anyone experienced this or come up against the same hurdles? how did you handle it?


6 thoughts on “Nothing to say?

  1. I have come up against similar my son couldn’t speak a word till he was nearly 5 , now he comes and tells me what he has done at school. They all learn in their time, If there is a problem with early intervention they can work wonders. Don’t worry contact your health visitor or doctor about your concerns xxxx

  2. I never thought my son would speak. Seriously he would point to what he wanted and we’d get it for him. He turned 2 last month and said less than 10 words. 3 weeks on and he won’t shut up lol. Please don’t worry too much. I heard that boys often start talking/walking later as they concentrate on learning other things first.

  3. My son is 3.5 years and has verbal dyspraxia, so his speech is very poor. What you need to find out is is it a case of he won’t , rather than he can’t.
    Did he babble as a baby? Can he make a variety of sounds? If he did and can, then I’d still mention it to your HV but wouldn’t worry too much.
    However if he didn’t/doesn’t babble or make a variety of noises then I’d seek intervention.
    Also get his hearing checked if you are worried at all about his speech.

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