The Keepsake Company Charm Review

Ever since Luke was tiny I had seen online pictures of necklaces and bracelet charms which had babys fingerprints or hand/footprints in and it’s something I always wanted to do with Luke.

The idea of having your child’s fingerprint with you all the time is precious, it’s the one part of a person that will never change, their identity and how wonderful as a parent or grandparent to carry that with them.

The Keepsake Company stood out as something special when I was looking on their website and when I was asked to review I was over the moon as their products look amazing.

I was sent an instruction sheet with two tiny pots, one containing a white putty and one containing a blue putty. I will admit I was scared that I was going to mess it up or do it wrong but the instructions were so easy to follow and everything went better than expected as I rolled both the puttys together into a ball and placed Luke’s index finger firmly into the moulding putty. Once you take your little ones finger away you can clearly see a perfect little fingerprint then it’s important you do not touch the mould until it has completely hardened as whats on the mould is what makes it onto the charm.

Once dry and hard you just pop the mould into the bag provided and fill out the sheet with your preferences for your charm. I chose a heart with Luke’s name and a kiss on the front and his birthdate on the back but there were many different options like oval, teardrop etc, took me a while to decide!

Then you send it all off and wait…. (not that long should I add! I was like an impatient puppy at the door each day for the post!)

When my charm arrived I was really impressed with how it was displayed, in a little box with The Keepsake Co written on it and with the charm was a little note explaining that the slightly unpolished look was what adds to the charms uniqueness and I could’nt agree more!

It was everything I was expecting, a perfect memory to keep forever and add to with future children! I give them a 10/10 for friendly and quick service and a 10/10 for the quality of the charm!

The Keepsake Co also do a wide range of other products to capture special memories so do go take a look HERE.

You can follow up and coming news on their FACEBOOK PAGE too 🙂


One thought on “The Keepsake Company Charm Review

  1. It looks just as good in the flesh too, very pretty and the jump ring is big enough for any chain to go through.
    I wish I’d got one of my two when they were young!

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