Back where it all started…

So way back last year in May (the very end of may) I started my blog. I was on WordPress and I had absolutely no idea how to do anything and I just went with the flow but not happy with my lack of knowledge I changed over to Blogger some months later. As a newbie Blogger was great and easy to use and best of all, I could design it to an extent and I was content and my blog grew and grew.

Fast forward to now, i’ve been blogging over a year ‘properly’ within the community and my blog is now incredibly important to me, it’s like a friend, a confidant and also a way for me to share Luke with family and friends and of course anyone who reads my blog.

When some of my blogging friends started mentioning changing over to WordPress I dismissed it, firstly because I was so used to Blogger and I was scared of the change but secondly because I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing moving my entire blog over!

I, in the last few days have taken a deep breathe and made the change. There’s so much more I want to do with my blog and that influenced my decision to go self hosted and develop my blog in ways I could’nt before. Of course now I undertake a massive challenge of learning wordpress again and learning more than I did before, its a scary territiory! That and also moving all my bits like Tots100 and Google Analytics!  Its a bad time to be forgetting passwords!

I really hope you will join me and keep reading from my new blog here at WordPress, please be patient whilst my blog has a make over in the coming weeks 🙂




9 thoughts on “Back where it all started…

  1. Well done for taking the leap, it’s looking pretty good so far! (I started blogging not long ago and was suggested to go self hosting pretty soon after. I have taken the plunge and am still learning both blogging and self-hosted. Always happy to share any tips I’ve picked up)

  2. Well done for changing over. You’re very brave, much braver than me! I’m not techie enough to have a self hosted website and do find Blogger easy to use. It’s not the best platform though and I’ve thought about moving to wordpress myself occasionally. Bit scared of all the changes though.

    CJ xx

    • Im the least techie person EVER! i’m still petrified lol! im not any good at design or plugins or anything. I dod like blogger but it was very restricted and I felt it was time to make the jump so i did it! (with my eyes closed!) im having problems registering Tots100 though and other issues but i’m sure in time they will settle! I hope! Thanks for following me over, i appreciate it 🙂 xx

  3. Yeah you made the leap. When I first started blogging years and years ago I went with Blogger and I hated it, so quickly changed to wordpress and started my non self hosted blog. I did that for a year before going self hosted and then I had a play with the themes a few times, then changed the header and it is a learn in progress thing to be honest. I love my blog now and love how it is working! And yours is looking very good as well xx

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