>Wooden Toys!


I have grown a slight fascination with wooden toys in recent times and have been scouting about trying to find the best places that do the older style wooden toys from back in the day when I was young.
It feels kind of special to continue including wooden toys as everything these days is plastic!

I was contacted by Woodentoyshop.co.uk to have a look at their website to see what I thought. In terms of the website it’s incredibly easy to use, I managed to navigate the site and view the whole range of toys within 5 minutes, that’s not due to lack of toys but to ease of use.

There are options at the side where you can narrow your search down to boy/girl, price range and brand which comes in handy if you are looking for something specific.

There are also categories at the top separating the toys into sections for example ‘ride ons’ and ‘kids room’.

I am amazed at the variety of toys they do and have a few in mind for the future that I’d like to get for Luke!

So you should head on over to 

WoodenToyShop.co.uk – a world of fun with wooden toys

*I was offered a voucher to use on their site in return for a review of their website but this by no means sways anything I write, I am always 100% honest irrespective of things offered.


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