Toddler Frustration

How worried should I be about head banging in the toddler years?

Now I’m fully aware that tantrums and frustration are normal, especially at the age Luke is coming into now, but I cant help but panic slightly about this behaviour.. He doesn’t start off my crying but he will go over to the floor and smack his head REALLY HARD on the floor then start screaming but whats even more worrying is that he will then do it again in frustration and nothing we seem to do will stop him.

He has a plastic toddler laptop, he also smacks himself in the head with it…

I have left a message with the Health Visitor and waiting for a call back, I’m worried she will think I’m silly and panicking over nothing as tantrums are normal, but how do I not know if he’s doing some damage and what about the possibility of being on the autistic spectrum?

I thought the fiery temper just came with the hair colour 😉

Have any of you had the same issues? how did you cope?


2 thoughts on “Toddler Frustration

  1. Not had head-banging but have had The Boy throwing himself down on the floor (in a very careful manner so as not to hurt himself you understand) and wailing. I step over him and ignore him. He does seem to be easing up on it. If he was getting beyond upset or frustrated, I would pick up and hold him tight because they are frightened at that point and don’t understand.

    Speak to your health visitor but essentially, it’s a phase and just try to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself while he does it but other than that; ignore him.

    • I have a nurse person (lol?) coming to do a development check as theres history of Autism in our family, but if theres nothing wrong then at least she can tell me how to deal with the tantrums 🙂

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