>These last few weeks have been nothing short of madness but I feel like things may calm down soon! *hopefully*….
I was lucky enough to be invited down to Portsmouth to stay with the lovely Emma from MeTheManAndBaby for a few days and aside from the long drive, it was lovely! Portsmouth is one of my new favourite places, its so scenic and the weather was great too!On the Saturday we had a yummy BBQ and I also got to see Hannah, Vic and Kerry so it was great, especially after the comedown from Cybermummy!

Yesterday I went up the hospital as I’ve had a lump in my boob, but after having an ultrasound and being told its a harmless one, it has been named ‘Larry the Lump’… seems like he’s here to stay! aahhh well as long as he causes no trouble eh?

Thursday brings a very exciting day as I’m off to London again, this time to meet the midwives and tour around the Portland Hospital, I’m really excited about that as I have been watching Portland Babies the last few years! So there will be a future post on that coming up next week!

My Hypermobility Syndrome is quite bad at the moment, to the point where my ankles are swelling up at night    

(it doesn’t look pleasant!) I don’t know if its the weather or if the weather is going to change, all I know is it’s making me quite miserable 😦 but the next 2 days I have devoted to staying in the house, although I’m on a major nesting spree (and I’m not even pregnant! how does that happen???)


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