>Happy Fathers Day 2011


I’m a tad early here! But today I sat Luke down at the table in his highchair and for the FIRST time ever he did a crayon drawing where he actually marked the paper and didn’t ingest the art materials!
Cue one proud mummy and daddy got to benefit too as his first ever master piece was… yes, you guessed it! A Fathers Day card!

Aaron is fantastic with Luke , he runs around after him, makes him giggle so much and isn’t afraid to change a nappy *like we had tonight!* I know that these two boys will be best friends and have a great bond.

Also Happy Fathers Day to my daddy! of course I hadn’t forgotten!
My dad is a great man, I had an incredible bond with him growing up, he traveled with work and I have early memories of going on business trips with him around the country and even Brussels!
Getting to live just up the road from my parents is a great thing, He adores Luke, he makes the BEST sausage pasta and is genuinely a lovely guy! He has helped me and my little family out so much and he deserves the credit.

So Dad, if you’re reading, Happy Fathers Day and I love you loads!


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