The sudden onset of Tantrums and Teething

The last few days have been pure hell in terms of having a grumpy and whiny toddler, I have been so used to Luke’s mellow and happy persona so why does it seem that someone has replaced my giggly copper top with a fiery little monster with sharp teeth?

I have to admit I have been struggling, not only have I now had to adjust with the tantrums, headbanging, shouting, and testing of the water, it comes alongside the fact the poor guy has sharp teeth poking through his 15 month old gums, not nice.

Last night we were up til midnight with screaming, crying, whinging (this was AFTER Calpol and Nurofen!) I tried brushing his teeth as someone suggested it may ease the discomfort, but that didn’t work either, it just made him more angry. Luckily after a further 8oz of warm milk! (only 2 hours after the last) he finally gave in and dozed off in his cot… that was until 6am! the crying re booted and I ended up with a clingy baby in bed with me… He literally laid on top of me and grasped my top so tight I couldn’t move! Every time I tried to reposition him he would scream blue murder! I used to think having a clingy baby would be cute.. how wrong was I??

Thanks to the lovely mums and dads of Twitter I stopped pulling my hair out so much as everyone was giving me tips and suggestions, or just general sympathy, heck! we all go through it as parents, just apparently some children suffer worse.

Luke and his GUMIGEM

With Luke I have made it into a game so I could feel the teeth, before he was clamping shut and kicking up a fuss and I had no idea which teeth were trying to emerge or not but now he thinks its funny to ‘bite’ me (not hard I might add) but my reaction makes him laugh and for now I’m able to track said teeth’s progress. (I am fully aware that after a few days more there will be danger money involved in going into the mouth area 😉 ) 

Funny how he has no red cheeks, no nappy rash… other that the obscene amounts of slobber running out of his  mouth and the amazingly bad moods you wouldn’t be able to tell.

So it brings me to the start of discipline, until now he hasn’t really needed it that much but boy oh boy does he now! how do you deal with a toddler when you tell them no and they carry on doing something because its funny? how do you deal with them hitting their heads on the floor, crying because it hurts but then doing it again and again?? I’m stumped!!

Parenthood is harder than I had imagined! I’m not looking forward to puberty!


2 thoughts on “The sudden onset of Tantrums and Teething

  1. I’ve got four kids, all past the teething stage now, thank goodness, but I remember those sleepless night, sleepless months. It can seem like it goes on forever can’t it? Often they would end up sick too, decreased immune system due to lack of sleep, more bugs because they’re putting more things int their mouths, not sure but it always felt doubly unfair, teething and sick, for me and the poor baby. You’ve probably got all the advice you needed from Twitter but two quick bits. If you are going to use a teething gel try and dry the gums off first, I know it sounds impossible but if you can get some sort of dry cloth in there and then put the gel on it seems to work a lot better. The other suggestion is one of those teething rings that you can put in the freezer so they chew on something cold.

    I always found the best thing with the discipline at this stage is to ignore. I had a head banger. I found if I made a fuss, told him to stop, told him he’d hurt himself he would just do it all the more, but if I walked away, went off and did something that was much more interesting than banging your head on the floor, he would usually forget about his head banging and follow. Time out in a safe place can work too, they thrive on attention. Most of all though try and keep your sense of humour about you, can be easier said than done.

    Love your blog. Wish the internet had been so interactive when my kids were little.

    • Thanks for your comment honey, H e has been a bit of a nightmare recently, he refuses to eat (drinks milk fine) and he’s just had bad dioreah for 3 days but I just checked in his mouth and there are a few teeth i didnt account for! he LOVES ice pops so i let him munch on those, seem to help 🙂 great tip about drying the gums first . glad you like my blog 🙂 x

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