Illness and Playtime!

It amazes me just how much we take good health for granted, I mean really. The last week I have had the most horrendous cold bug resulting in a high temperature, shivers, weakness, headache alongside a sore throat and a nose that doesn’t know what’s going on!

I was so bad the second day I couldn’t even move from bed to feed Luke (his dad was at work) so I called upon my trusty mum who drove over fed, changed and took him back to hers for the night so I could sleep off the yuckiness.

Fast forward 3 days and I still sound rather manly but I’m now feeling alot better, just the reminents of snot to go 😉

So just spare a moment to think ‘ooo I feel really well today’ because when you get ill it seems like the end of the world! (for me anyway lol)

Aaron and I took Luke to Playworld today in an attempt to wear him out so we could go back to my mums and watch Tron In 3D.. It worked! He slept through the entire film, which I really enjoyed!

Tomorrow we have a landscaper coming to have a look at our harden and see if we can either have decking or turf. I cant wait!

The weekend brings around London times! Staying with Aarons mum and seeing some good friends! So busy week!

Hope everyone’s ok and ready for half term next week!


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