>Boon Flair Highchair – Review


We were very kindly sent a high chair to review for Boon and when it was delivered I was extremely excited but had to wait for my husband to get home to assemble it as it’s too heavy for me with my joints.

The Boon Flair High chair is a pedestal high chair with a pneumatic lift. To look at it, I felt it was like something off The Men In Black! it looks amazingly stylish and fresh.

My favourite thing about this high chair is that there are NO grooves for any food to get stuck down in, it’s totally smooth all over and has rounded corners making cleaning a breeze! When your a busy mum the last thing you need is to be disassembling your high chair to dig out left over food and cleaning fabric.

So for clean ability the Boon Flair gets 5/5 already!

There is a small sized tray that comes with it which is easy enough to slick into place using just one hand by feeling the underside and sliding the latch and pulling to you. There is a choice of 2 places you can adjust the tray too. Also the tray comes with 2 see through plastic covers which are dishwasher sized and dishwasher safe! making it even easier to clean. The tray is smaller than a normal sized high chair would have and if I could change anything I would opt for a choice of 2 size trays but saying that we don’t actually have a problem at all with the size it is, just for playing it would be nice to have a bigger one.

The high chair has a great feature of being able to height adjust simply by pressing the orange button on the base with your foot! This feature is awesome for us as we keep the chair in the living room under our table and it allows the chair to fir nicely under the table where past high chairs have been bulky or have needed folding away.

It comes with a 5 point harness and also a restraining post between the legs which stop little wrigglers from sliding under and also makes it safer whilst unstrapping them to them out!

We use our Flair on the carpet and let me tell you it does not budge from that spot! Though it is designed to effortlessly glide over hard floor without scratching the surface. I do have slight trouble in moving it on the carpet but the face that its so safe in one spot makes up for it.

The Boon Flair is a definite winner of high chairs in our house and people comment on the sleek design when they are round and whats more Luke is comfortable in it! so I would suggest it to anyone who needs an easy to clean and stylish addition to their dining room!

The Boon Flair High Chair can be bought for £199.99

*The High Chair was given to me for review purposes.


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