The last Month! – Missed me?

OK so since I’ve had the Internet back i seem to have just been posting reviews and such!! So I’m going to update you all on what’s been going on in the last month!
SO! back on the 28th March we got the keys to our new bungalow, it was all very exciting and over the next week the carpet went down and the following weekend we officially moved in! On mothers day (our second day in the bungalow) we went to pick up our new cat Nyx who we were re homing. She’s a gorgeous tortoiseshell young cat, 3 we believe and my goodness is she friendly, now she’s settled in she’s an absolute delight to have in the house. She tolerates Luke well and doesn’t hide away and she sleeps on our bed. Its funny how cats can be so completely different, Loki was more of an independent cat but equally as loving, we still really miss him and his picture takes pride of place on our wall for all to see πŸ™‚
Having moved into a new build we had all kinds of problems with our address not being registered and it took 3 weeks of NO INTERNET (gasp, shock horror!) and with no O2 phone signal, things were quite dire for a while. That was until this week when we had a shiny new sky dish delivered and now order is restored (with minimal fighting over the control).
We are having our garden landscaped soon with turf as the builders left it with just dirt.. and now we have cut the trees right back from next doors garden, it feels alot more bigger and lighter. 
Luke has settled in so well, he runs now (usually into walls) but he is so quick! and getting intelligent too. He still doesn’t speak (hes only 15 months) but he know what you are saying! He is also developing a fiery temper, just like his dad was as a baby – guess Luke suits his hair colour!
Aaron did his Sumo run for charity and ran 1 mile in a giant inflatable Sumo suit in 14 minutes! I was very proud! you can still sponsor him HERE if you’d like, its for St Nicholas’s Hospice in Suffolk. 
So now, everything has suddenly calmed down and the rush of the last 2 months is over, I find myself on the sofa with nothing to do…. oh wait, yep….. 2 series of True Blood to watch! Cya πŸ˜‰ 

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