>Inside My Kitchen! MEME

>OK so Emma has tagged me in a meme asking to see peoples kitchens… well, I tend to spend a lot of time in mine, washing up, doing bottles, cooking, laundry, the usual.. but since we have moved our kitchen is on the small side (so small that our freezer is in our living room as we don’t have space for it!)

I moved only a few weeks ago and only got my Internet connection back as of yesterday! So my kitchen will be displayed, as Emma’s is, in iPhone photo form! Here goes!

I’m actually amazed that it’s quite tidy at the time I was asked to do this meme!! 

OK so we found some clutter lol!

This is Nyx, our newest member of the family, she was re homed to us, shes 3 🙂

The hand prints are Luke’s from the Baby Show in London in February, he was 12 months at the time 🙂
You can see my George Foreman grill in the background which I’m in love with and makes excellent toasties!

This is my medicine/baby cupboard complete with lock and key. It is a mess but  you can see the amount of tablets I’m prescribed in the middle section, depressing!

Last but not least is my favourite addition to my kitchen, a putty impression of Luke’s teeny hand when he was just 2 weeks old (still 4 weeks before his due date!) and the picture was taken at 1 hour old in S.C.B.U, The first time I was left alone with him.

So there you go, my relatively boring but straight forward kitchen!! Now usually I’d tag people but I am going to leave it for people to decide themselves if they’d like to join in!


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