>Coffee To A Tea – Review

>A while back the lovely Kathryn from Coffee to a Tea sent me some coffee to try which I reviewed in the review section. I happened to review around my parents house and my dad was so impressed that he bookmarked Coffee To A Tea on his computer ready to order.

Kathryn was kind enough to send out a couple of instants (which was an instant hit 😉 ) to review as well.

We had Irish coffee and Chocolate Caramel flavour – both are utterly scrummy and coming from someone that doesn’t drink coffee all that much, I have been indulging in a coffee here and there as a treat. We had the builders over last week and when they stopped for a coffee break and I presented them with the Irish Coffee flavour they were more than impressed and told me to pass on that fact!

I can hand on my heart say that my dad and I shall be ordering more from Coffee To A Tea and I do really suggest if you fancy a treat to click on over to the shop and order some for yourself!



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