Quirky Me! Meme

Hi Guys and Girls!! I am STILL offline and its killing me!!! although it’s supposed to be rectified late next week as we are going with Sky and the full package.

I thought I would start a meme, I’ve never started one before and I thought it would be a good idea to really get to know each other, not just ‘whats your favourite colour’ etc… more about what makes you YOU.

So I’ll start 🙂

1. I like sitting on the isle of cinemas or any public place, I get claustrophobic easy and have to feel like I could escape easily.

2. I sleep with earplugs… every night… for the past 10 years no fail.

3. I have ‘healing hands’ I discovered whilst doing a Holistic Therapy Diploma in 2002

4. No matter how much anyone hurts me, I’ll still care about them, no exceptions.

5. When I’m upset, i feel calmer and safer in the corner or a small space.

6. Music makes me feel hopeful.

7. I’m incredibly frustrated by maths no matter how small the number, I panic.

8. when I get an idea in my head I don’t let it go.

9. I tend to give in to people just to keep them happy.

10. I’m addicted to olives.

I’m going to tag 6 people but as it’s a personal meme it’s totally up to you if you participate! enjoy!!


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