Review – Real Easy Nappy and Buppy Pad

Before the little guy was born I always liked the idea of using reusable nappies but when he was born prematurely, Reusable’s were at the bottom of my list of things to think about and as time went on I just never got round to trying them. That was until I had the opportunity to review a funky new one called Real Easy Nappy by Hip Hip baby!.

 When I took the nappies out of the package my first thought was how incredibly soft they were! We chose the minky fabric and it was like stroking a soft cuddly toy and the colours were vibrant and funky, much better than the disposables we had been using in appearance!
I was a little frightened on our first ‘try out’ and was worried how I could tell he had wee’d as with disposables you can see and feel easy, obviously with thicker fabric it’s harder to tell but I went with the change every 3 hour rule and we had no problem (partly because it absorbs the wee so well! it didn’t feel that wet to touch which is fantastic.
The nappy is extremely easy for Luke to crawl about in and as you can see in the photo he does get into some weird positions! I also like the fact that the nappy grows with your child by the easy to use poppers at the front. We are using the medium size nappy which gets the most use and will see him through to potty training.
Now the poo side I was worried about this but it had to happen sooner than later!! however it wasn’t as shocking as I’d expected, you just flex the nappy over the toilet and dispose of the poop. I was concerned that the nappy would be stained but it’s not a problem we have had at all.
All in all I am very happy with the Real Easy nappy and shall continue using them but I will be mixing and using disposables too, especially when out and about.
You can purchase one of these fabulous nappies over on their website.
The Real Easy Nappy retails at £10.99p

We were also sent a ‘Buppy Pad’ which is a liner for either the car seat or a buggy and its a fantastic invention!! we got ours in the same colours as the Real Easy nappy and its the same soft minky fabric. It comes in just the right shape to fit to the buggy (allowing space for the straps to come through).
Luke isn’t potty training yet but that’s not just the ONLY reason to use it! it is great saving the buggy from crumbs and drink spills and ours stays there permanently. If it gets dirty, simply remove wash and replace! brilliant!! you can buy a Buppy Pad HERE priced £7.99p or 2 for £15 and they come in a range of fabulous colours and designs!

Products were received free for review purposes.


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