Where's my baby?

Luke’s baby days are officially over, as hard as that is to admit! 
He is now an independent toddler (well mostly!) he still needs his mummy when hes upset!
The biggest thing I’ve noticed , apart from the obvious walking! is his attitude. Luke is now learning how far he can push us and testing responses and this has come on quite quickly. Its so hard to know how to respond to bad behaviour, especially as a first time mum but I know that if i don’t set boundary’s now that his behaviour will be bad growing up.
He knows when hes doing things wrong, if you tell him a firm NO then he cries and crawls to you or if you take something off him he engages in tug-the-war then starts screeching! The worse thing i noticed the other day was I  told him off for something and he couldn’t control his emotions and he bit me! Lucky he only has 8 teeth in that small mouth (that can make a lot of noise!!) he gives the best evil looks and growls in frustration! 
As much as I hate telling him off I must be strong! On the other hand he is the most lovable little boy, cuddles, kisses and his smile lights up the darkest night. 

So I’m underlining the baby chapter and welcoming the challenge of toddler hood! My grown up boy can now hold his own bottle, undress himself!!!! luckily not the nappy … YET! He walks (toddles) and has his first pair of shoes! eats more than I do sometimes! 

The following video is of his day getting his first pair of walking shoes, Clark’s size 5H!

Signing off for now, a proud mummy of a toddler 🙂 

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