First Steps!

Aaahhhhhhh my baby can WALK!!! so I guess that classes him as a toddler?? omg! well I say walk, he will walk to me with many stumbles and falls but it’s early days yet! he only took his first ‘proper’ step 2 days ago!

He looks so cute! at first he would scream and cry, I guess its scary walking when you don’t know how!

oh and you want to know WHAT he walked for???? a PS3 control! typical boy! lol 

So at the age of 13 months and 6 days I can say he is on his way to running! *proud mummy moment* I was 13 months also when I walked, my little brother was 9 months! (I guess he had to walk to get away from me! πŸ˜‰ )

The weekend we had his Grandma Naomi up (Aarons mum) and we had a chilled saturday and went for lunch and shopping. She bought him a cute snuggly sleepsuit from Mothercare which he loves sleeping in as its nice and warm.

Only 1 more week until we move now! time is flying although I never thought it would! so so many things to do with packing up but at least we get an over lap of a week when I can move things in slowly until the furniture goes in! 

So I best go wake him up from his nap now and continue with move stuff!! never ending! lol shall be worth it though πŸ™‚

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