>End of an Era.


I knew this post was coming, I tried not to think too much about it but now it’s come to the final week.


When Luke was born, he was 6 weeks premature so apart from a small amount of breast milk, he was fed a special premature milk called Nutriprem 2. When we were discharged from the hospital we were given a repeat prescription and have had TONS of the stuff every month! – I was never a fan of the smell (its gross) and if I got any in my mouth it made me want to throw up! But that milk kept my little baby strong and helped him grow.

However, as he hit his first birthday last month, we were given our last batch along with a cancelled prescription – now I know full well he no longer needs Nutriprem 2, hes a healthy, normal weight and a feisty little man but something deep down in me is sad as he has had it all his life and moving on to cows milk or growing up milk is me realising he’s no longer that little baby I brought home a year ago.

So we will fight on in the task of weaning to cows milk – he only has half a tub of his Nutriprem 2 left and I doubt that will last more than 2 days!

Happy and healthy at 1!

Has anyone else experienced sadness of moving from baby’s younger milk?


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