>Oh Baby! you scared me!

>And what a scare it was!

Weds night, all was well, we had been to my mums for dinner and come home and put Luke to bed. Aaron and I had baths and went downstairs to watch some TV, we were *almost* at the end of the programme when I heard Luke breathing a bit funny so I sent Aaron up to just check on him. 

Aaron came rushing down holding a wheezy baby who seemed to have problems breathing. Because mummy and daddy were panicking, it sent poor Luke into a panic and his breathing got worse. I quickly rang mum and told her I was going to drive him up the hospital as the noise was scary but as I put the phone down little Luke started choking and vomiting then screaming so that was it, through shaking hands I dialed 999 – the poor operator didn’t get a chance to speak before I was blurting out “my 12 month old cant breathe properly” – the response?? a ridiculous ” would you like a fire engine or an ambulance?” eerrr….. 

Anyway, whilst we were waiting for the ambulance we took turns rushing to get dressed and keep Luke as calm as possible and luckily as he calmed he could breathe properly but still with a horrible wheeze.

The paramedic straight away said it was bad Croup, which was a shock to us as he hadn’t been unwell and it came on so suddenly.

We were sent up the hospital to get checked out as Aaron and I were also in a blind panic and theres no way we could have stayed at home. Lucky really as he was given steroids and they kicked in pretty quick but we didn’t get home until almost 3am.

Luke slept until about 9am and by the next lunch after his second dose of steroids you would have never been able to tell he was so unwell during the night! I’m very pleased to say it hasn’t come back since.

I know they say Croup isn’t always that serious and scares parents more than any damage it does but oh my god I’ve never been so scared! 

not actual bungalow 

In other GOOD news…. we have a viewing on a brand new built bungalow only 2 mins from where we are now, I have to wait a week to go see it and the wait is killing me!! lol but if we say yes then we can move in on the 28th OF THIS MONTH!! so we are busy busy bees at the moment and are doing a boot sale tomorrow morning to downsize!

So yeah a busy week this week but glad things are OK! 


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