Vacations, Photos and Kittens!

So we are off to my mums this weekend to ‘babysit’ my grandma who lives with them so they can go on a romantic weekend 😉 – its actually a nice get away for us too as they have a really comfy guest bed and ours I swear is trying to kill me with the dodgy springs at home! We also don’t have a shower at home so we look forward to my parents space age shower and jacuzzi bath! heaven!

My 2 boys with our Canon SLR

Aaron and I were talking in depth yesterday and something we really want to get moving on is our photography, we hope to start up a mini home studio and build on our portfolio so we can offer fantastic photo shoots to people for a reasonable price. So we will be looking for people to take advantage of free shoots to help us expand our portfolio. 

If you are in the Suffolk area and are interested, please contact us
we will do family, fashion, glamour, newborn and head shots, so get in touch!

Poor boy is teething number 7!

We are also thinking about getting 2 kittens, we miss Loki so much and if you’ve owned a cat for any length of time you know how quiet and lonely it is without one present. When Loki died we decided to wait a few years to get another fluffy feline but after seeing mums bond with their cat Poppy it made me really want that presence in our house again, so after another talk – yesterday was a talky day! we have decided on rescue kittens, we will just have to wait until the perfect pair come in (apparently its not kitten season ?!?!)

Hypermobility wise i’m not great at the moment. Been having to take co codamols ALOT (usually I can cope with the pain to a certain point) and my muscle relaxants come the evening.
I do have my own foot massager though 😉 he’s very good!
Got an appointment on monday with a Pain Specialist nurse up the hospital so Im hoping to find out about other med free techniques of coping with pain. Trying to keep my head up, it’s not as easy as it looks though!


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