>February in a Nutshell!

>Hey everyone, just a mega quick update.

Luke had a great birthday party with some of his little friends on the 15th Feb, was nice to see them all playing together nicely and he had another amazing cake and some yummy cupcakes! So I’m now getting used to saying he’s 1!

I’m now applying for DLA again and a blue badge so I will be keeping you up to date on the progress of those. I  didn’t feel I had the support to apply before but I do now thanks to my wonderful consult and my great family.

We spent the weekend down at Aaron’s mums in London which was nice and we also went to the Baby Show at Excel on the Friday. I was a little disappointed as I thought it was going to be bigger than it actually was but it was a nice day and we met some great people and got a few bargains!

So now daddy is back to work after a week off and me and Luke are back in our routine, so normal blogging will commence! Luke is still not walking but he stands for longer periods on his own so it shouldn’t be too much longer now!

On another note, after getting back into photography more we were visited by the fairy godmother from Appliances Online who sent is a great book on Digital Photography so I can read up on tips for my SLR! so thank you fairy godmother! anyone who comments on this post is in for a chance of being visited by the fairy godmother themselves! 🙂

Take care everyone ! 


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