>My Disability is Invisible, but my Pain is Real


I went to see my consultant today, she’s lovely. The only person to really understand me and me walking away like shes given me a small boost of confidence.

Its so easy to get drowned in your own sorrows and put up barriers around yourself and that leads to feelings of guilt – why can’t i do this..? why can’t i do that? but it really is OK to take a step back and say ‘yes I have a disability, but I can still enjoy my life’.

Having hypermobility is hard, but so are a lot of things in life but if she has taught me anything over the last 6 months it’s to accept myself for who I am, I may not be perfect but I am me and I wasn’t seeing that before.

She taught me that i just need to find what works for me and Luke and discover things and ways I can do.

She has a picture of a fantastic TShirt and it couldn’t be anymore true : 

A lot of people hide their pain like they are ashamed, but we don’t choose to be in pain so why be ashamed? I myself have to rely on my husband now most nights to carry little man up to bed as the stairs are a huge battle as the nights go on. He is great though, he will Hoover for me or take the washing upstairs but other people look at me and just think I’m overweight, well yes I’m overweight but open your minds to why i may be so overweight…

Anyway, today I came home with new tablets, muscle relaxants, non drowsy to go with my cocodamol so fingers crossed. Ive also applied for a Blue badge for my car so again I’ll keep you up to date on that.

Ending the day on a high (ish) happy to have had my chat and  clear things up in my mind – off to my mums for dinner 🙂


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