>Colourful me


Iv’e just been tagged by the lovely Jenny over at Mummy Mishaps!

White – Reminds me of purity, holidays in villas abroad, newborn babies, marshmallows and believe it or not, its my favourite colour!! ( oh dont forget the Easter bunny! )

Brown – Reminds me of boots, leather, chocolate and coffee beans at starbucks! It also reminds me of the downside of being a mum! NAPPIES lol!

Purple – Reminds me of my husband, its his favourite colour, we got married to purple and silver. It also reminds me of home as almost our whole house is painted a lovely rich purple colour.


Orange – Reminds me of summer and autumn,the way the rich rays of the sun shine onto skin and make it glow. It also reminds me of Dawn French and her famous Terrys Chocolate Orange!

Yellow – Reminds me of driving, finding that ‘yellow car!’ , reminds me of spring and daffodils and…. cheese!

I best get tagging!!!!

I tag :

Lena over at A Mum on a Mission

Mary at Lincoln and Me

and finally


All you have to do is copy the same five colours to your blog post and add what they mean to you. It could be a word, it could be a more detailed description. The important thing is not to think too hard about it.


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