1 Year Ago Today….. and a bit before!

I became a wife!

I shall start from the very beginning, June 2007.. it all happened so quickly. Both A and I had been in relationships which both had ended badly only a few short weeks before we fell in love. We became really good friends supporting each other, whilst working at the same place and at the beginning of June we were both feeling strong feelings but it was only when 3am on the 4th of June came round that A asked me if we could be together properly and that night was the most amazing, we stayed up til sunrise just holding each other and kissing and all the bad stuff that was happening hurt less.

Things moved on quite quickly, I had been renting a flat in South London with a friend from work from only just a few months when A turned up one evening a moved in!! (after 1 week of us ‘going out’) it was a shock but we had a very strong relationship from the start.

We enjoyed an amazingly fantastic week to Disneyland Paris, one I won’t forget, we were so happy and the weather was glorious!

As time went on we discovered all types of new things, foods, west end shows, random photography trips, a Valentines trip again to Disneyland Paris and eventually in 2008 (May) our other flatmate moved out and it was just us, it was fantastic! That happened to be the day we brought our 8 week old fluffy baby home, Loki. 

Living and working together was intense, we were on the same team at work and had all our shifts and days off together but it was lovely having so much time and being able to travel to work together and home of course and it worked for us.

On the 4th June 2008 I was made the happiest girl in the world when i was asked to marry him, the most imaginative way possible! including a ‘treasure hunt’ of all the places in London that were special to us and a meal at Wagamamas and a private Champagne flight on the London Eye!! He asked me in the center of Trafalgar Square on a lovely sunny day before we headed off to see Wicked! the musical for the first time, it was an incredible day.

Then came about the time of me leaving my job, my disability had got the best of me and I could no longer do the job they needed of me and A supported me through the whole process despite still working there and feeling awkward, he kept me going! 

2009 was an incredibly tough tough year, we found ourselves homeless, I had no job and we then had to face losing 4 babies (two lots of twins, two operations, 1 of them losing my fallopian tube) but we stayed strong and fought, we kept our heads held high and on the 14th July 2009 (my dads birthday!) we took a positive test and discovered that our little miracle baby was growing! though at the time it was *test* roll over and sleep again!!! we were so scared something would go wrong again but I had about 4 early scans to make sure things were OK.

When i was 20 weeks pregnant I moved to live with my mum and dad, A was with his dad about 2 hours away. It was really hard but I needed to be near my hospital as I was under consultant led care for my HMS.
There I lived with A visiting when he could on his days off. It was an emotional time and every time i dropped him at the train station my eyes welled up, courtesy of my lovely pregnancy hormones!

And then it came…. at 32 weeks pregnant……..



A beautiful day, be it very very cold!!
I didn’t wear traditional white, I went with black to slim down my enormous bump ๐Ÿ˜‰
I loved having everyone around me and it was amazing that everything was about me and A. I’m not used to attention like that (and the fact that my tights were falling down under my dress during my vows and I had to try not waddle out the door ;)).

Our wedding night was spent in the bath then fast asleep – in a hotel my gosh that was a comfy bed!! but at 32 weeks pregnant and SPD I couldn’t make it past about 8pm! lol

It feels special that Luke was there with us that day, kicking anyone that dared to rest their hand on my bump!

2 weeks exactly after the wedding I gave birth 6 weeks prematurely… on Valentines day of all days ๐Ÿ˜‰

Daddy had asked for Valentines day off but that was a very busy day where he worked and they had said no, however as Luke dived into the world he was able to deliver some fantastic red roses and cuddle his son.

We spent the next 2 weeks up and down the hospital seeing little Lulu in SCBU fighting to get well and on the 24th February the little guy came home!!

A was living with his mum in North London at this time so it was less of a journey and finally when Luke was 6 weeks old we were offered a house!

We done the house up from scratch, walls, floor (it needed it bad) but A wasn’t to live with us just yet as he still had the job in central London and couldn’t commute that far financially.
It was tough, I wont lie, alone with a newborn but my parents only lived down the road so it was easy to pop over for dinner or if i needed help.

Then came the most exciting bit of news we were waiting for! A got a new job!!! only 10 minutes from our house in Suffolk!!! so he finally was able to move in and our long wait to be a proper family was over.

A and L have an amazing bond and it makes me so happy to see them playing together and to see how much A adores his little boy!

Today celebrates the most incredible year of changes and struggles and how we have come through everything that’s been thrown against us. The next milestone will be 4th June, our 4 years together!

Happy First Wedding Anniversary Aaron,
 I Love You.


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