>A Grandparents Love

>When I first became pregnant, the first time my parents were excited and happy and I was also like a kid in a candy shop however if you’ve read before you will know that ended with me having an ERPC (Evacuation of retained products of conception) and the loss of my first two (yes twins) babies.

So obviously the second time I became pregnant we were all a little weary of what to expect but I still had that excitement I had the first time round, not believing that anything could go wrong as I had already had my ‘bad luck’ – this wasn’t true and ended up again in the loss of … TWINS as well as my left fallopian tube as one of the babies turned out to be ectopic.

My parents supported me through the hard times and let me stay whilst recovering from the operation and helped me bounce back stronger.

When I came to tell them about my pregnancy with Luke, I was petrified. I had been through so much in the past   
7 months but I wasn’t the only one to go through it and I was worried about not only whether I was going to end up with a baby but would my parents be ‘dissapointed’ in me for trying again so soon.
We shouldn’t really have been trying so quick anyway! and Aaron and I had decided (the month we happened to get pregnant!) that if it didn’t happen we were going to stop and get ourselves sorted first.

I held out til about 17 weeks til I told my parents (you couldn’t tell as I didn’t have a bump) and I remember how nervous I was but out it just came and I had a picture from my 12 week scan to show them things were OK! 

I waited with baited breath for my fathers reaction… and there it was… tears! but not angry or sad tears, tears of joy! i guess relief that there was a healthy little baby inside me, his grandchild! I could relax! That was the best feeling ever and that night we told everyone on Facebook and our secret was out!

But getting to the point – the point of me being completely in love with my parents and them being completely in love with my baby boy. I am so happy to have given them a grandson and I see their faces light up every time they see him, be it pictures, videos and when i randomly pop round there (for my mums cooking!)

They get to live their childhood once more and that’s such a precious thing. I’m so glad he has so many people who love him, it makes me very happy.

I walked in on my dad singing ‘im a barbie girl’ by AQUA to Luke in his office and I snapped this shot, I love the bond they are making! 

Tonight I was over there for dinner and Luke had a poo’splotion so we bathed him in the sink!!
No relevance to the post really but some cute pictures so I thought id add them 🙂


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