>That Good Feeling.


It’s so easy over winter to sink into a hole of sadness. The dark doesn’t help and definitely not the cold. Most of my family suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

It can make literally anything seem like a massive thing to achieve, from getting out of bed to even walking downstairs. For me it’s worse because it’s teamed up with my HMS so I get a double whammy. The pain is constant, I can’t remember a moment when I was pain free. But as the weeks, months and years go on I’ve learnt that pain is actually part of me and according to my consultant it’s something I will always have and in some ways its a good thing as if I didn’t have the pain I wouldn’t know if i was damaging anything (joint wise).

However spring is approaching. I love spring! I love seeing the flowers come up, having the warm rays of sunshine kiss my skin and the fact that I no longer get incredibly stiff.

This year I’m more excited than ever for spring and summer – last year Loopy Luke was only a teeny baby not even crawling, this year I can take him swimming, to parks, theme parks, the zoo. There’s so much more excitement to come!

So my good feeling is knowing I have loads of fantastic memories to make with my *almost* 1 year old!!

That thought alone will see me out of the darkness that has me in it’s claws at the moment.

I’m ready to turn the light on.


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