>GUMIGEM – Review


I was kindly sent a product to review for teething and my little terror is suffering quite badly at the moment so it was a comfort to know we were getting something that could potentially relieve his discomfort.

I was not expecting what arrived and I was pleasantly shocked! GUMIGEM is a stylish baby safe necklace that is great for both mum and baby.

Since becoming a mum I have had to give up on wearing nice jewelry as the 11 month old has a tight grip and having already broken one of my favourite chains I was weary of it happening again, i was also worried that any necklace i did wear would hurt his little hands or even his mouth.

GUMIGEM is non toxic, BPA, lead and phthalate free and meets the same standards as other teething items. It is complete with a safety clasp so if your little one does tug at the necklace it will come apart and not injure mummy. GUMIGEM is dishwasher and steriliser safe, all you need to do it take the cord off and away you go.

I was wearing mine out the other day and my friend told me she liked my necklace and she couldn’t believe it when i told her it was a teether! The style is up to date and without feeling the material you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was designed with baby in mind!

Luke loves ours and I’m happy that not only can he teethe on it safely but its also a fantastic distraction when we are out shopping or somewhere.

I’m really happy that GUMIGEM was created and I’m now going to be getting other colours and styles that they have on their website so I can co-ordinate with my outfits! 

GUMIGEM is available to buy online and retails at just £10 and come in a range of designs which can all be found on the website www.laughing-lamb-creations.co.uk

Mummies across the country can achieve ‘teething with style!’

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