BornFree Bottles and Soother Review

Recently Ive been on the lookout for new bottles for Luke, he had been using the same for almost 10 months and I felt I needed a new set. Open to the idea of trying a different brand, BornFree sent me 2 of their 9oz bottles which are specifically designed to minimize colic symptoms.

I had the size 3 teats as Luke is a guzzler and I couldn’t believe it, withing minutes he had downed the bottle and was sitting there quite contented! Before we had had problems trying different bottles and with some brands he didn’t get on with the teats at all but these teats fit perfectly and you can even see the bubbles going back into the bottle so little one doesn’t swallow too much air.

I would give these bottles a 10/10 I was that impressed. I shall definitely be continuing with them and I know If i have another baby that I shall be using BornFree bottles.

I was also sent a pack of 2 soothers. They were lightweight and attractive to look at. Luke took to them straight away.
The soothers use orthodontic silicone with an angled teat that encourages natural development of the pallate.
The soothers retail at £5.50 and are a great deal for a nice looking soother that protects your little ones mouth.


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