>One big headache.

>I think I’ve been carried away recently and not really written down how I feel true to myself so here goes.
This week, month, year what have you has been tough. My whole family has been really unwell, DaddyA has had the flu since new years day!! Luke has conjunctivitis in both eyes and a cough and cold… now I’m getting it properly (id managed to keep it at bay until now) i think with everything that’s going on my body has had enough so is letting the bug take over.

I’m still having mini breakdowns about Loki, i cant stand the way that has made me feel inside. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. Its left me with one big headache tonight so as soon as I’ve finished this I’m going to go lay down in the dark.

Sorry if I haven’t been on Twitter that much in the last few days, I do miss you guys loads Ive just not been in a very good mind set, fine one minute but in tears the next.

I’ll be back properly soon though. I took part in my first The Gallery today and I’m looking forward to keeping up with that as its fun and i loved seeing every ones different interpretations of one subject!

Got a few great reviews coming up and also another giveaway so please keep your eyes out for that.

As I can’t think that straight I’m going to wrap this post up. Take care x


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