>Loki – 2008 – 2011



The last few days have been incredibly hard for me, like really really hard. It all started 4 days ago when Loki, our black and white cat that we have had since he was a wee 8 week old kitten went out for his usual half hour, with one difference, he didn’t come back that night.

We searched and kept eyes on the road and called him, rattled biscuits the lot but never any sign. We had though maybe he had been pinched or shut in somewhere but alongside that was the deep seeded fear that he had been killed on the roads.

6pm on the 3rd night of his disappearance i was getting ready to go upstairs and passed the front door to hear a screaming noise, i immediately opened the door to find Loki standing there and he hopped in using only 3 legs, he was covered in black and bush bits and his back leg was obviously very broken and he was in shock to the point he was so happy to see us he just sat purring letting us make a fuss. I called the vets immediately (well when my hands stopped shaking, i had trouble dialing from shock!) and my mum drove over with a cat box to collect him and we scooted off to the vets.

The vet was compassionate but very blunt with us, the only option other than to put him to sleep would be to amputate his leg which in itself would cost around £500 just for the op and they were asking for half of that amount upfront before they would do the op (I’m guessing they have been stung many times by people not paying?)

Mum and I left Loki there happy in the fact he was being taken care of and had had some painkillers so he could rest.

We then enlisted the help of everyone on Twitter to help us to get the money for his operation and we couldn’t believe the massive response of kindness, I actually cried at one point as it touched my heart so much that people cared and I have definitely made some new friends through this tragic and sad experience. One gentleman even fronted a very large amount to help us.. we went to sleep knowing that Loki could full well be coming home to recover on his 3 legs.

The next morning came and we were up early anxiously awaiting the vets to call and when they did they said that he hadn’t wee’d overnight despite drinking allot and they were a bit worried but 2 hours later they called back (still no wee but they were gonna go ahead with the op) and we waited anxiously to hear that the op had gone well.

It never got that far sadly. when the vet called not too long later, I heard the words “its not good news I’m afraid” i could feel my chest tightening and my eyes welling up. I was trying not to let Aaron see how upset I was whilst trying to be coherent to the vet. I shalt go into details as its not very nice but the xrays showed allot more damage that we could see with the eye and it wasn’t fair to even attempt to operate so we had to make the heart breaking decision to let him go peacefully.
All money that was taken as donation to Pay pal has been refunded and we would like to THANK YOU so very very much for all your kindness, you really have restored our faith in people and it’s great to know there are many animal lovers out there who are willing to help sick and injured animals.
I never meant to make anyone feel awkward about asking for help, I was desperate and emotional as I wanted to save Loki’s life and he was like my first born fluffy child – he did mean allot to me, so again sorry if I annoyed anyone.

He was an amazingly cheeky cat who was full of life. He only drank fresh running water so we were constantly turning the tap on in the bathroom for him! His favourite things were pistachio nuts, crisps and believe it or not EAR PLUGS!!!

I can remember getting him from the pet shop when he was just 8 weeks old, he was the tiniest little fluff ball just staring at us and we knew right then that he was our cat!

We named him Loki after the Greek god of mischief and believe me he lived up to his name! 
He was a very very loved cat and there will always be a Loki shaped hole missing in our hearts but id like to share with you the happy times and celebrate a short but beautiful life.

Loki – February 2008 – January 2011 

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