>Karvol Vaporiser – REVIEW


Lucky has had a rough few weeks with croup and a sore throat and seems to be struggling a lot more at night recently so when I was offered to review the Karvol Vaporiser I couldn’t say no.
Knowing how beneficial aromatherapy oils are and the chance that it would help the little guy get some sleep!
The Karvol Vaporiser comes in a box along with 3 refills which last 3 nights each and the main unit which goes straight into the wall (not an extension lead) 
The Karvol Vaporiser is suitable for all ages from 3 months up and because of its safety mechanism of a key like lock which makes it impossible for a small child to open, it is safe in a nursery or child’s bedroom.
Containing a combination of pine, cinnamon and menthol, the natural vapours are pleasant and soothing and not overwhelming. I really like the smell (reminds me of Christmas!).
Lucky did seem to sleep a little easier and his cold is now wearing off, we did use it for about 5 nights and have the other refill ready to go should the cold come back.
I also benefited from the vaporiser as Lucky is in my room! so apart from the lovely smell, I know that I’m also benefiting from the oils.
I would recommend this product as its a simple and effective way of treating a cold naturally and especially during the winter months its handy to have one in the drawer ready to go!
The Karvol Vaporiser retails at around £5.60 

You can buy this product from any of the supermarkets or pharmacies.

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