>Mirrorin – Child Safe Mirrors – Review


Ever since Lucky was small(er) he has loved his reflection. The best distraction out there was to hold him infront of his refection and it tickled us to see his reaction…

Here was a video that was taken at my parents house in their full sized mirror wardrobe – personally I think its too young to be practicing kissing.. but hey 😉

When the guys at Mirrorin asked if anyone would like to review one of their safety mirrors for children, we jumped at the chance! For Lucky to have his very own mirror that I could be sure was safe.

We were sent a very cute little mirror , a duck design. Perfect for his age as it fits nicely into a nursery theme for small babies and toddlers alike.

The package arrived fast and in a nicely secure package and inside were very simple instructions on how to assemble the acrylic pieces onto the mirror and also where to stick the adhesive pads – which I might add are lovely and strong and the mirror is now happily stuck to my wall.

Lucky loves it! We have placed it at his height so he can glimpse himself in the eye every so often and its a cute addition to his room!
Here are a few pictures of Lucky enjoying the mirror!

If you would like to have a look at the rest of the fabulously funky mirrors, you can do HERE.

They are also on TWITTER.


I shall be buying from Mirrorin in the future as DaddyA is already eyeing up the awesome Pirate mirror!!

This is a sponsored post


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