>I’m NOT a Celebrity.. so get me OUT this BATH!

>It was supposed to be a straight forward thing, simple.

I had fed Lucky his dinner consisting of scrambled egg and chicken casserole and naturally he was wearing more of it than he was digesting… no change there.

I hobbled up the stairs in the already not too warm house, feeling the crispness around the door from the snow dusted outside, reaching my bathroom and headed for the fan heater for a bit of relief.

The plan was a bath… as simple as that. I had been cooking using oil and I HATE the smell that lingers on you after, consuming your hair and clothes and makes you feel like you’ve bathed in the stuff (PUN not intended!)

I ran the bath as usual and headed downstairs to turn a program on for Lucky as the usual plan when I am alone with him is I have a mega quick bath and wash my hair then I get out and return with the naked -covered- in -whatever- missed -his- mouth 10 month old…

Photo from Google Images

However… on my return to the nicely warmed bathroom (from the heater I might add) I quickly discovered that the hot water had completely FAILED and the bath was a more than chilly 22 centigrade! I usually bath at 40 but when lucky is with me its about 38 so I was not impressed.

Stubborn and smelling like a chippie on a friday night I whinced as I placed one toe into the arctic plunge pool of a bath and then continued with the rest of my body, shivering and goose-bumping at the same time.

My 2 minute bath ended with me washing my hair under the hot tap which was just the teeny bit warmer (22.6) than the water i was kneeling in!!! I’m not even sure if my hair is free of the soap suds… I’m guessing i’l find out when my hair goes crispy….. *raised eyebrow*

I guess the only plus side is that my house now feels toasty!! hahaha

*now off to grab the boy for his turn in the tub ;)* – i’m joking i’m not that cruel!!!!!!

It will be manual removal of scrambled eggs for me tonight!


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