>A Very ‘HomeStart’ Christmas!


I know I have blogged about HomeStart and how fantastic they are in a previous post but I just HAD to say it again!

I’ve been in the HomeStart program now since Lucky was tiny, probably about 7 weeks old, I was struggling alone as his daddy was living and working in London and I was seeing him every 8 days. It was like that until just 1 month ago.

As any new mum will know its hard work and especially if its your first and your clueless and run with all kinds of new emotions, its harder if you have no one around to help – thats where my lovely HomeStart volunteer L comes in, she’s great, has become a good friend and I look forward to seeing her every week.

She doesn’t push me to go out if I don’t want to but she gives me the gentle nudge to do things and go new places or even just for a walk to the park – which I don’t tend to do that much alone – actually NEVER.

L just turned up at my door with 2 colourfully wrapped boxes… large ones too… I was curious to what they were and she told me they were presents from HomeStart!! I was not expecting anything!! however she was shocked at the amount too!!

I took the boxes upstairs and placed them down (and of course got my camera out so I could share it with you!)

I started unpacking the boxes upstairs and it seemed never ending!!! I was so shocked that these ‘volunteers’ thought of me and had done their best to make sure we had a fantastic Christmas and it definatly has put a smile on my face! cant wait for DaddyA to see it!! (it has some of his favourite Noms inside 😉 )

There was everything, from crackers to pulling crackers, tinned carrots to gloves, a bag, chocolate, treats, jelly, even batter mix and Yeast extract!!!

Along with it was a lovely card

So i’d like to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone who volunteers for HomeStart and a special thanks to my own volunteer L who never fails to put a smile on my face!

If you think you’d like to be involved in the programme and have a volunteer come see you if your struggling, a lone parent, have a disability or have more than one child then please contact your midwife or heath visitor and they will see if they have a HomeStart volunteer near you.


This is not a sponsored post – Just showing my appreciation!


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