What Twitter does for ME

Thats a question and a half??? well what doesn’t it do is more like it!

Iv’e not really been on twitter that long, I started with my own personal account for family and friends and then alongside my blog I started @themummylife as an account to ‘keep me sane’ or what have you!

I check it before I even breathe, its there when I can’t sleep, when i’m waiting for someone or even believe it or not… when I’m in the bath!!!

Iv’e made some fantastic friends, way too many to add but the core few who keep me sane everyday and are there for the bad times as well as the good are :

@mumonamission1 http://www.mummysmission.co.uk/


@theboyandme http://theboyandme.wordpress.com/

@lincolnandme http://lincolnandme.blogspot.com/

@Mammywoo http://misslexywoo.wordpress.com/

And i’m really not trying to leave anyone out, all my followers and who I follow are fantastic!! Please head over to my account and follow these great people!

What I’m trying to say I guess is that I would be lost without Twitter and the support I get from it and want to thank everyone that takes time to read my crazy tweets 😉

Love you all!!

and just because I feel bad leaving my other fab friends out… im not gonna 😉 heres some more to follow!

@kykaree @The_Moiderer @glowstars @PippaD @InceyWinceyMum @JennyPaulin @MissChloeHogben

@thisismommyhood @RuralMummy @BumblingTweets @cheeky_mummy @funbags_ @20somethingmum


8 thoughts on “What Twitter does for ME

  1. I live Twitter too! Soooo much better than fb! I too have met some lovely peeps and you are one of them! Thanks for the mention xxx

  2. I feel the same,it’s comforting to know you are all there!!,I’ve made some lovely friends on Twitter ,I only wish we all lived nearer to one another!
    Thankyou for mentioning me in your blog,it’s really touched me.X

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