Christmas is coming!

Christmas for me has become just another gimmick in the last 5 years, with the exception of 2007 spending my first Christmas in a new relationship when we were carefree and *young*…

Most years I feel that the toys and chocolates are brought out way too early and by the time Christmas comes it’s not as new and exciting and leaves me feeling somewhat let down.

However this year I’m really excited and nothing will dampen the mood. Having a child let’s you re live the excitement, the lights, the colours, the smells… Yes I know he will only be 10 months old but I know that every Christmas for the next 10 years will be even more exciting and that makes me feel really warm inside.

Our first Christmas as a *proper* family! And Luke will wake and spend Christmas day with all the people important to him and I cannot wait!


4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. I totally agree with you about Christmas starting too early but as you have quite rightly said …. the next 10 years starting now, Christmas will be reborn with Luke and you will experience all the excitement through him and be able to enjoy it again! There’s nothing better than Christmas with young children and it gets better and better! If I had the money, I would pay thousands just to go back in time and see my boys’ faces on Christmas morning when they find their stockings on the end of their beds to open first and then when they come running into my bedroom to make me come downstairs as Father Christmas had come and left all their presents under the tree. Their faces were full of excitement and wonder and made my Christmas. Christmas is for sharing with your children and family and playing games and cards and watching the Xmas movies and nothing compares! Julie xxx

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