Big Noisy Boxes

I’m sure i’m not the only one that has a problem with this… at least I hope not lol!

Automatic hand dryers in public toilets.. well, I dont have a problem WITH them obviously but most baby changing facilities have a dryer right where you are supposed to change your little one.

For me its nervewracking. Luke is TERRIFIED of the things and I end up moving around like James Bond trying not to set it off and scaring him half to death! why o why do they position them so close that one wrong movement and the screaming will start?!

I was thinking this last night whilst in Tescos and it’s not just Tescos, I’m just using that as an example.

I am very impressed with the baby changing facilities at my local Tescos, always clean, smells as fresh as a changing area can and they even stock free nappies and wipes for use if your caught short…. the only thing that lets it down is the fact that you have to stand directly in front of the dryer which is motion sensored.


Here you can see just how close it is.

Do your little ones get afraid of the noise? have you noticed that they are too close to changing areas?


5 thoughts on “Big Noisy Boxes

  1. Sooo true… My little fella is terrified of them the one in our Costs coffe is the worst. Small space, toilet, buggy, baby, change area and me do not fit in too well. My arse sets it off very well not that I try to dry my arse… Honest. Also the dyson hand dryers make him scream or wake him up.. Public toilet places are bad…

  2. TB hated those things up until about a year ago – he’s now six! The super powered ones are the worst – they may be quick but they’re twice as loud. Li’l Mister doesn’t bat an eyelid though – but then that kid’s noiser than one of those machines anyway.

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