The Sneeky Teeth

Yep thats right… the 2 top ones, the snuck through without me even thinking.. and it wasnt like I had no signs, I just didn’t connect them.

He has been a right terror this week and practically pushing me to breaking point with the crying and the whinging.. and I just thought it was a phase, but as i stuck my hand in his mouth yesterday, I had a bit of a shock to discover two sharp upper tips meet my finger and clamp… needless to say I shall be steering clear of the chompers from now on!

So cue the whinging, the sore bum and the shocking red face bumps until the little buggers fully descend into the openess.

In other totally fabulous news… we had entered a competition on the official Toys R Us website to become a TRU Toyologist and we were chosen as one of 10 RUNNERS UP out of hundreds of applicants!!! so we are very very excited and Luke shall be having a good christmas this year as we have won a box of toys! So a BIG thankyou to Toys R Us πŸ™‚

Here is our entry just incase you had missed it πŸ™‚

My dads car broke down today so we are off to play taxi today πŸ˜‰ really must clean the back out so he can fit in it hahahaha!!!

Here are a few pictures from recently πŸ™‚


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