Baby Sensory ‘Baby’s first Christmas Event’


I was really excited when I was invited to take Luke down to London to experience a Baby Sensory class for the first time. I had been to a few baby and toddler groups before where a few toys were scattered around the room and the parents were off in a corner chatting away so I wasn’t fully expecting what I experienced this day!!

When we got in to the Studio it was being held at we were welcomed by the very friendly staff who showed us in and explained briefly what was going to happen and immediatley they made us feel at home and I was comfortable to let Luke explore the massive array of colourful toys that were spread over a large area.

When we were all ready to begin, we were called to sit on a semi-square infront of the ‘leader’, everything was relaxed and as the babies ages ranged we were told it didn’t matter if the bigger ones wanted to crawl about which put me at ease as my little monkey is a fidget!

We started the session by singing a delightful song ‘say hello to the sun’ which is exclusively for Baby sensory and also teaches the babies to sign and feel a familiar welcome-ness at the beginning of the sessions. By the end of this we were all relaxed and us mums were also getting into the spirit too 😛

We did lots of activities which were amazingly stimulating for the little ones, of any age! and as it is coming up to Christmas I couldn’t have been more excited that they were themeing it for Christmas!! There were jingle bells, bouncing snowmen, special presents and we especially loved the puppets appearing and encouraging are children to notice and become excited when they saw a festive character appear!

We saw bubbles in the night sky under the stars and snow flurried in front of us and even played with balloons and a special floating ball!

We danced around to the hokey kokee and generally had an amazing time.

We were given a break halfway through so that the little learning minds could process what they were seeing and that gave us the chance to play with the toys. Luke loves Rodie the bouncing horse and the ball pit the most and to my surprise Luke climbed up the soft play steps, that was a first!!

After all the fun was over, we could tell he really enjoyed himself as he fell asleep on one of the organisers!!! and he definatly slept well that night.

I would thoroughly reccomend that you all take your little ones to a baby sensory class near you, they are fantastic, fun, educational and I enjoyed it as much as Luke did! The staff were kind and extremely passionate about what they were doing and it made the whole atmosphere a joy to be in!

The classes run from birth to 13 months and you can find out more on there website

Follow them on Twitter @babysensoryHQ

Facebook page :

Please do go check out their website and see if there is a class near you! You wont regret it!!


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