Creating Media – Guest Post

My lovely friend on Twitter, Michelle Dalley from Creating Media kindly forwarded this post that she had written previously so I would like to share her experience with you all and please do follow her on Twitter at:


As the mother of a young baby I found myself outside my comfort zone after working as a Sales Manager for a major food company for almost fifteen years handling multi million pound accounts. While everyone else was at work I was at home with my new baby and the people I would normally call for a chat were in meetings and busy running their careers and businesses.

I dipped my toe in the water with a Facebook profile with a view to keeping in touch with work colleagues and friends, it was instantly addictive.  In the last few days of my pregnancy I would be up at 3am while the little person played football in my tummy and found myself sharing on Facebook that I “had to eat Muller rice”.

Then Henry arrived and telling the Facebook World what I and the little man were up to through posts on my Wall and lots of photographs.  And then came the tidal waves of feedback, people that wanted to share their lives, pictures and thoughts.

The internet was a key tool in my work life and now through Social Media it is deeply imbedded in my personal life, keeping me in touch with people I know, people I haven’t seen since school days, my family and even current affairs. Additionally I find myself becoming a different type of consumer who likes to look up not just prices for future purchases online but reviews and blog based opinions as well.

Social Media has turned the normal marketing process on its head. Contributors (suppliers/marketers) are found by consumers, contributing to brand messaging as opposed to only passively receiving communications from marketers should they find us.

I found that there are a wealth of support groups on line for new parents – Mumsnet, Bounty etc that have forums so that you can talk to other people. This is 24/7 support and advice and without this new Social Media my maternity leave could have been a more isolating experience.

From this new love of Social Media I have now started “tweeting” on Twitter for my partner’s business Creating Media.  Every day we share what is happening at Creating Media and also information on issues that we are passionate about.  Lots of people are talking about Twitter but what exactly is it?

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia states that “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others’ updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to other users – known as followers – who have subscribed to them.”

Twitter is my very own Broadcasting Service:

Twitter is rather like blogging with just an RSS feed.

You and your small business should be using Twitter because:

1. Everyone else is doing it

2. It is good to be seen to be part of Social Media (Web 2.0)

3. Twitter is a fast way to get your messages out anywhere and everywhere

4. Twitter will help you stay on top of your friendships, relationships, social network,  market place and even your search engine rankings

5. Twitter will help you refine your brand

6. Twitter is a great networking tool

7. And the most important reason your small business should use Twitter – because Twitter lets you engage your customers and your friends

When you first join Twitter you have no followers and you are not following anybody else so it can be a frustrating and slow process. At we have a solution to that situation – we set up your Twitter site and get you lots of relevant followers.  We then either run it for you or pass it across for you to run yourself.  Check out our Twitter at and join us.




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