My Dear Little Baby….

Who else thinks that this generation is amazing, I mean technology wise! Looking back on my baby and toddler years there isnt much left, yes a few grainy video casettes and photos that have been lost or marked and no hard copies of anything. I am sad that I couldn’t have a peek into what life was like when I was a baby, how my parents talked and interacted, what the house was like… so it led me to a fantastic idea!

who owns a video phone? from nokia to iphone to blackberry…. how easy it is to record snippets of our lives, and most of us do and some even share on youtube for the world to see.

I however have started a video diary, no ‘about’ Luke….. but TO HIM….. I talk to him in the future, i tell him about whats going on in my present as it as he is a baby, his milestones, jobs me and his dad are doing…. and I shall collect the snippets over the years and put them in order to create a mega film so he can watch when hes older and all the things I would have liked to have seen from my childhood that I couldn’t, that opportunity shall be there for him.

Digital media is a wonderful thing, no longer are the cassettes that get dusty or unwound going to hold us up?

My question is … would you do this for your child?

would you have wanted your parents to do it for you (if the technology had been there obviously)?

It’s also a great thing for you to look back on too and see how you change.


3 thoughts on “My Dear Little Baby….

  1. Yes i would of loved my mum too have snippets of my life specially between 0-3 as my dad passed away then and i would of loved too of known more about him 😦

    So yes i will do this for my 2 children i think its a wonderful idea. Just think when they will be watching what other amazing technology will be out! xx

    • I’m sorry you didn’t get to know your dad 😦 I’m glad that this has inspired you to do this for your kids, I think it will be fun watching it back with them when they are older. You can even make them record messages to themselves! Xx

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