Cold weather is coming!

and mummy is feeling the stiffness!!

yep. thats right. I hate to admit it but my HMS is getting worse by the day, if I don’t stay warm i get stiff and whether i’m warm or not, I still suffer the pain and the painkillers can only mask so much. My silver lining is that my husband now lives with me full time so no matter what a horrible day i could have, I know that he will be back in the evenings to help out with the hyper 9 month old! and he really is a star and has been helping with the housework alot these last few days.

We took Littlefoot to a firework display at my parents neighbours and lo and behold he slept right through them, only waking at the end (and we were right next to them in a FIELD!!!) he was unphazed lol!!

Not much else has been going on, we went for a family walk to see the gorgeous red and orange leaves and took some pictures šŸ™‚

so there you have it!! Luke is 9 months old on the 14th and time is flying away!!! Im gonna go relax now whilst my painkillers kick in!! night everyone! x


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