Halloween catch ups!

I never end up doing much for Halloween and this year is pretty much the smae although I have my gorgeous mini me to dress up (and I did!) I took him to a halloween party last night and he was dressed as the alien from Toy story…


He of course looked edible! haha, actually one of my old friends from school  Liz bought him this outfit while he was still a fetus! and sure enough for the  halloween weekend it fitted perfectly!

Then today, Halloween, Lukes daddy was going back to London for training so  we stopped at my mum and dads for dinner and took Luke in his other  costume, which is totally appropriate for now!!! the Teething Terror!! so all  day I have been refering to him as ‘TT’ lol

This week is going to be a tough one as I’m alone with Luk but I also have alot  ahead of me too with various appointments!

I shall also be running a competition this week to win a Tommee Tippee breast feeding starter kit! so keep your eyes out for that!

oooo I had my hair cut too 😛 will leave you with some pics!


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